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Founder of NeuroVisual Medicine

Dr. Debby Feinberg

Hi, I’m Dr. Debby

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Debby has been trailblazing the new speciality of NeuroVisual Medicine: She has treated more than 15,000 patients who suffer the invisible symptoms of dizziness, anxiety, nausea, headache, neck pain, light sensitivity and imbalance with walking... achieving an 80% reduction in symptoms by using the NeuroVisual Medicine techniques.

Dr. Debby has published numerous peer reviewed articles in journals including (PM&R, Brain Injury, Optometry and Visual Performance, and Otology and Neurotology). Because of this groundbreaking research and development, she was named a “Women Who WOW” recipient by Women In Optometry for creating NeuroVisual Medicine, and an Invited TEDx Speaker.

Dr. Debby is offering a five day, onsite, one-on-one training program to select optometrists during 2021.

NeuroVisual Medicine

The NeuroVisual Medical Institute offers a thorough and intensive program which teaches you to diagnose and treat Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD), which is caused by neuromuscular abnormalities leading to difficulty with eye teaming and maintaining fusion. The resulting visual misalignments are frequently missed on traditional vision exams due to their subtlety. The struggle to maintain image alignment necessary for fusion results in the classic Binocular Vision Dysfunction symptoms (dizziness, nausea, etc.).

This is a unique opportunity to train directly with Dr. Debby Feinberg and learn the skills and best practices through direct observation and hands-on practical experience.

With over 20% of people suffering from BVD… NeuroVisual Medicine is in high demand by patients and referring medical specialists alike.

“When you become a NeuroVisual Specialist, you will help patients regain their lives where other specialists are unable. Join me on my mission to provide this care to all who need it!”

Dr. Debby Feinberg - Founder NeuroVisual Medicine

Train With Us

Earn 40 COPE credits when you attend our five day, onsite, personalized course. You will learn the clinical and business techniques necessary to thrive as a NeuroVisual Specialist. Each graduate receives all of the equipment required to begin seeing patients as soon as they get home.

Treat BVD In Your Existing Patients

Help 1 in 5 of your current patients most likely suffering from Binocular Vision Dysfunction. You’ve likely seen them before but didn’t know you could treat their dizziness, double vision, ADHD, or light sensitivity. With the NeuroVisual Medicine techniques we teach, you’ll be able to help these patients experience up to 80% relief from these symptoms.

Get Referrals For New Patients

Begin seeing new patients with BVD the day you arrive home! Over 10,000 people completed our online Lead Generation symptoms questionnaire in 2020, and were sent directly to our network of graduates. Many of these leads became new patients..


Become A NeuroVisual Optometrist

Differentiate Your Practice

Your NeuroVisual Specialty will give you access to an entirely new population of patients AND referral sources... Neurologists, ENTs, Ophthalmologists, Vestibular Therapists, Occupational Therapists, etc...

Credibility with Medical Doctors

You’ll be respected and sought after by doctors and specialists with your new ability to get to the bottom of their most challenging patients’ problems.

Patient Transformation

Patients will enter your office after having seen multiple medical specialists, getting multiple tests, scans and treatments… and you will be the one to reduce their symptoms by an average of 80%.


Take this exclusive opportunity to be the first NeuroVisual Specialist in your area and attract new patients from across your state


What our graduates are saying

Dr. Erin Sonneberg

Boynton Beach, FL

Dr. Julie Lam

Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Monika Spokas

Chicago, IL


What’s our technique?

Screening for BVD:

  • We use our scientifically validated questionnaire and the 5 Minute Cover test to identify patients who most likely have BVD.

Binocular Vision Evaluation:

  • We conduct multiple alignment tests and analysis of posture and gait stability.

Trial Framing:

  • We custom fit the patient’s prescription, utilizing increments of microprism (as small as 0.25D) in the horizontal and vertical planes.

What’s the difference between NVM and Neurolens?

The Neurolens is a business model that is based upon the purchasing of a machine that is used to prescribe proprietary variable strength horizontally oriented prism lenses.

NeuroVisual Medicine is a clinical specialty that is based upon the optometrist assessing and diagnosing vertical and horizontal heterophorias, and treating the debilitating symptoms of these heterophorias with readily available microprism lenses.

NeuroVisual Medicine also encompasses the hearing and vestibular systems, diagnosing dizziness, gait and balance disturbances, anxiety and headaches as a result of an sound sensitivity, and treatment with noise canceling devices, and consultation for inner ear pathology. 

We provide all needed resources (equipment, business forms/documents, marketing resources, phone support) to enable successful implementation in your practice.

What’s training look like?

The goal of this program is to provide you and your staff with all the training and materials necessary to begin practicing NeuroVisual Medicine and to run a successful NeuroVisual Medicine practice, with you being able to see your first NeuroVisual Medicine patient immediately upon your return from training. For an in-depth outline visit our Training Outline

How do I fit NVM into my current schedule?

Most of our graduates begin with dedicating ½ to 1 day per week to see their NeuroVisual patients. Within your first 6-12 months, as your NVM practice grows, you will likely opt to take 1-2 full days per week.

How do I start attracting patients?

  • As a Graduate and member of the NVM Network, you will begin receiving leads from our lead generation site. Anticipate 50-300 new leads per year, depending on your region.

  • We also help you grow your referral network by providing proven tools, techniques and coaching to you and your team.

Is there Financing for this course?

Yes. The easiest way to finance this course is to apply for a business loan through your local bank.

How long does it take to recoup the cost of tuition / initial investment?

Our graduates see a full return on their investment with 3-6 months after training.

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